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Services Offered:

Psychotherapy, Mediation, Coaching

Adult Clients 18+, Parents , Families , Couples , & Individuals


For More Info:    call/text (909) 243-4118



My Virtual Office!!

Technology to the rescue!! 

As featured in "O", the Oprah Magazine, on page 76 of the August 2014 issue -- I offer confidential HIPPA-compliant TeleMentalHealth counseling using a webcam or phone!  

Family & Divorce Mediation: Guiding families through Divorce, Separation, & Child Custody Without the Drama! Exploring Parenting Plans & Visitation. Focusing on what's in the BEST INTEREST of each child!

Life Coaching & Parenting Coaching! Guiding clients since 1984 to reach their goals!

  • Life Coaching focuses you on goal visualization, goal strategies, reaching maximum positive outcomes
  • Parenting Coaching focuses you on being effective co-parents, and effective families, by visualizing your goals to create success


Psychotherapy: Using Talk Therapy as a way to understand your challenges and create a plan to learn to manage and resolve the problems. Helping clients listen to themselves, learn more about themselves, and look within themselves to create the necessary change they may be looking for.

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