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Ms. Beth's Clients say...

(Client names & some identifying info was altered to ensure confidentiality)


"The way Beth reached out to our child, understood how he was feeling, and helped us understand him, was amazing!" Mandy & Jeff

"We were ready to give up and thought that the only solution was to get a divorce, but Beth challenged us to approach our marriage from a different made all the difference! Thanks, Beth, for all your help and understanding!" Stanley & Rebecca

"Beth was our mediator during our divorce. She made the whole process manageable, especially for our 4 kids." Jen & Jim

"If you are searching for a therapist who will help you be better parents, like we did, we highly recommend Beth Pumerantz!" Bill & Sally


"I’m a single mom and going crazy! My children were always yelling, no one was getting along, and they certainly weren’t listening to me! A friend from church told me about Beth, I’m so glad I called her! She taught me how to be a more effective single-parent. Now I’ve got a parenting plan, I’m learning to be more consistent, and it’s not a circus at my house anymore." Eliza


"Beth Pumerantz is my guardian angel! From the moment I met her, I knew she understood my pain, my confusion, and that my self-esteem was damaged. She nurtured me like a mother would and guided me along my way to reach my goals. Please call Beth, she can help you, too!" Nancy


"Since I’ve been coming weekly to therapy with Beth, my family & friends tell me I am way less anxious and stressed out, and I can really see it myself! I’m concentrating better at college and even smiling more! I’m so glad I found Beth. I didn’t make any progress with my last therapist, and I went to her for 2 years! GO 2 BETH!!!" Jay


"I have 3 sons and I’m raising them as a single dad. No one gave me the parent manual, I had no idea what to do and what went wrong and how to fix it. I was lost in the screaming and punishing! I started hating to be with my kids – who NEVER did what I said! My kids’ doctor gave me Beth’s card, but I didn’t call her at first. But then my sons’ principal called with another detention notice, I called Beth immediately! I am thankful for Beth. She never judges me or makes me feel like a failure. She gives me strategies and is available when I need more advice. I encourage you to call her today and let her help you. She really gets what my family is going through and how I can be a better dad and how my sons can be better sons. We are a happier family. My boys LOVE Beth!" Ed

"We just wanted a happy family. We did have rules, we punished a lot, lots of screaming and yelling and hitting, and still they didn’t follow our directions. We needed help fast! We weren’t consistent and never stuck to a plan, except that we always gave in to the kids so we could have some peace and quiet. Beth helped us to create a family plan with rules and consequences that we could follow and she worked with our entire family. We are so grateful that Beth came into our lives, she will always be a part of our family." Mary & Samuel

 How to Contact Ms. Beth


Voice Messages:

(909) 946-9411 Office Phone

1-800-902-5202 Free Call


TEXT only:

(909) 243-4118 Cell


(909) 532-8700

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